Company Profile

We do communication. Strategic communication.

While understanding the reputational challenges of our partners we deliver key communication processes that are centered on their objectives.

That’s how we build upon the reputation of our clients and manage it properly in relationship to various stakeholders.


We have the capacity to provide a 360-degree coverage of any communicational need and, based on each challenge, we are able to enforce communication strategies, engaging both complex and individual audiences.

Our Services

We deliver effective communication solutions.

Public Affairs

We engage with key institutional, governmental and regulatory stakeholders, to make sure the right messages reach the intended audience.

Corporate Reputation

We build together upon our client’s reputation, we improve all its aspects and we strive to maintain it based on solid, constant arguments and solutions.

Business Intelligence

We handle your business intelligence needs because we know that information is key to any successful business.

Public & Key Media Relations

We connect our partners with relevant communication platforms available on the market, disseminating their key messages to the target public.

Crisis Management

We have a policy of 24/7 availability for our clients, and we offer tailored strategies that deploy crisis communication solutions in real time.

Our approach

We understand, strategize, engage and implement.

We have earned and grown the long-term appreciation of our clients, while constantly expanding our portfolio.


Having an objective-based approach to a particular type of business gives us the advantage of being able to recommend the most effective communication solutions.

Doing the assessment

We gather the most relevant information.

Mapping the key stakeholders

We propose the right audience based on your specific business needs and objectives.

Building the strategy

We identify the most effective means of communication for each situation.

Engaging the stakeholders

We implement the right strategy while monitoring and adapting our communicational agenda.

our team

Extensive backgrounds and years of practice.


Our main strength lies in the skills and experience gained in over 12 years of practice by the core team in areas such as Integrated Strategic Communication and Public Affairs.


Team members have extensive backgrounds in journalism, political consultancy, economics, business consultancy and design.

The agency boasts an excellent understanding of the institutional and political decision-making process, having built a solid reputation within the industry and the political scene, as well as among businesses, NGOs, diplomatic and media communities.

Having developed a good practice of working as a team on various projects and industries (from telecom, to pharma, defense, energy, real estate, transportation or FMCG), our senior staff has the capacity for rapid mobilization and can use all internal resources to provide around-the-clock services and products for each of its accounts at the highest standards of quality.


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